YANTAI ZHAOYIBIO.CO.LTD. focuses on nutritional supplements, natural product concentrates, API and other high-end products for human healthy life, and is committed to the development and research of natural products with great market potential in pharmacological application and health care application, and to achieve industrialization and marketization.


  • Magnesium threonate can improve sleep quality

    Magnesium threonate can improve sleep quality

    Magnesium is probably the most severely deficient nutrient of all the vitamins and minerals our bodies need. In fact, no matter which country in nutrient reference or recommended intake (RNI or RDA), is extremely low, all of the human body magnesium added up to about 25 g, 60% exists in bone, the remaining 39% in muscle tissue, the magnesium in the blood of human body 1% of the total, so even though for a blood test, serum magnesium is difficult to accurately determine whether magnesium deficien

  • What is the difference between magnesium glycine and magnesium gluconate

    What is the difference between magnesium glycine and magnesium gluconate

    Magnesium glycine and magnesium gluconate are magnesium salts composed of organic acids and magnesium, both of which provide magnesium to the diet. Magnesium glycine is composed of the common metal magnesium and the basic amino acid glycine. Magnesium gluconate is made of magnesium and gluconic acid, a biochemical.

  • Can calcium citrate be used as animal feed additive

    Can calcium citrate be used as animal feed additive

    Calcium citrate is widely used in aquaculture, such as dissolved in a liquid way evenly sprinkled in the aquaculture pool, but also in aquatic feed premimixed add, powder feed directly scattered in the pool, more can be made into feed, such as ornamental fish feed, aquarium pet fish feed.





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Perfect r & D platform, testing platform, is committed to improving the nutritional level of human diet, improve the nutritional quality of residents

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We focus on high-end products such as nutritional supplements, natural product concentrates and API for human healthy life, and devote ourselves to the big health industry

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With reasonable product price, intimate service and friends from all walks of life to cooperate, mutual benefit and common development

With a variety of international advanced preparation r & D equipment and management system, the introduction of international talents, to establish a leading domestic R & D team

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