Yantai Zhaoyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. focuses on nutritional supplements, natural product concentrates, API and other high-end products for human healthy life, and is committed to the development and research of natural products with great market potential in pharmacological application and health care application, and to achieve industrialization and marketization. The company has a perfect r & D platform, testing platform, is committed to improving the level of human nutrition, improve the nutritional quality of Chinese residents, and promote the development of China's health cause. The company has established technical cooperation relations with jinan University, Shandong University, Ludong University and other universities, and established research and development institutions, with intellectual property rights of products, with strong research and development capabilities and spirit. Strictly in accordance with ISO9001, ISO22000, FDA, CFDA, quality management system and other standards management, product quality meets the requirements.

High standard of r&d investment, strict quality standards, and mutual respect of staff culture are the company's consistent attitude to the society and customers. Honesty management, rigorous treatment, respect for customers, respect for social responsibility, set up a good corporate image, reasonable product prices, intimate service and friends from all walks of life to cooperate, mutual benefit and common development.


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