• What is the role of light calcium carbonate in paper industry?


    New research progress on the application of light calcium carbonate in PCC of papermaking industry refers to a product prepared by chemical synthesis, which is the introduction of carbon dioxide into lime water or directly deposited under the effect of sodium carbonate solution and lime water. The quality of light calcium carbonate is better than that of heavy calcium carbonate. Its particles are fine, porous and narrow in size distribution. It has the advantages of fine particle size, high whit

  • Application of tea polyphenols in food industry


    1. Use as an antioxidantTea polyphenols as antioxidants because tea polyphenols contain more than two ortho hydroxyl polyphenols, has a strong hydrogen supply capacity, so it is an ideal antioxidant. Among the four main catechins, the antioxidant capacity was EGCGEGCECGEC. As an antioxidant of fatty food, it has excellent antioxidant performance, much better than the synthetic antioxidants 2, 6-di-tert-butyl-4-methylphenol (BHT) and butyl-hydroxyanisole (BHA). The antioxidant effect of tea polyp

  • What is the difference between magnesium glycine and magnesium gluconate?


    Magnesium glycine and magnesium gluconate are magnesium salts composed of organic acids and magnesium, both of which provide magnesium to the diet. Magnesium glycine is composed of the common metal magnesium and the basic amino acid glycine. Magnesium gluconate is made of magnesium and gluconic acid, a biochemical.Magnesium has many benefits, it helps maintain healthy muscle function and normal blood pressure, and is involved in the function of many enzymes. But you should consult your doctor be

  • How to detect magnesium oxide expired


    How does magnesium oxide judge to have expired, how should go detecting? According to xiaobian from the understanding, magnesium oxide after the shelf life will generally affect its activity. Normally, magnesium oxide is a white powder, but as magnesium oxide expires, the color will change significantly. The whiteness of the color is reduced. In addition, the shape of the magnesium oxide changes, such as caking and so on. This is clearly expired magnesium oxide.Then check the storage conditions

  • Can magnesium oxide be used in paper making


    Speaking of magnesium oxide, we all know that in addition to being a flame retardant material, it can also be used in the production and processing of other products in industry. Today, Xiaobian takes you to see what it is used in papermaking.Magnesium oxide was used instead of ammonia in the pulping process of ammonium sulfite. The results showed that when magnesium oxide was used as basic buffer, all the indexes of slurry could reach a similar level to that of ammonia. Using magnesium oxide as

  • Development prospect of magnesium hydroxide


    The development of magnesium hydroxide flame retardant in China is still in its infancy, and compared with many countries, the research and development of magnesium hydroxide flame retardant has not reached a very advanced and universal stage. For example, the application of magnesium hydroxide as flame retardant in rubber, plastic and other fields has not been popularized, and its production cost and sales price will also affect the prospect of magnesium hydroxide.On the contrary, in some count


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